Suzuki S-Cross Turbo Prestige Quick Review

Suzuki S-Cross Turbo Prestige Quick Review

he fresh Suzuki S-Cross is a superb option for those wanting something a little thicker than your regular city car, but not wanting to commit to a large SUV.

The Suzuki S-Cross is the Japanese carmakers entry into the crossover segment, suggesting car-buyers an option for those who don’t want something as petite as the Swift, but more city-friendly than the Vitara. It’s recently facelifted nose have some polarized, while the ‘Boosterjet’ 1.4-litre turbo four-cylinder engine, which is the same as its older sibling the Vitara, offers a more pleasant drive.

  • Its punchy engine produces 103kW/220Nm, resulting in a sporty-like drive and an unexpected creamy smoothness. It’s got exceptional spectacle and that’s its best feature.
  • It’s airy and spacious interior is one of the best designed of the Suzuki range, despite the plasticky feel in areas. Compared to some of its competitors, the S-Cross also offers a decent size boot – at four hundred thirty litres, it’s thicker than its petite SUV sibling, the Vitara.
  • The dash and steering wheel suggest indeed effortless and accessible controls. Albeit the infotainment system isn’t without faults and can be a little glitchy.
  • Naturally, the S-Cross comes with Suzuki’s outstanding reputation for reliability.
  • One of the downfalls of the S-Cross is its noise over tougher roads. Most of that comes from the cheap tyres, which makes the car less than what it is. We suspect a better set of tyres would eliminate one of the S-Cross’s fattest downfalls.
  • Despite recently receiving a facelift to its nose, the S-Cross’s exterior design is polarizing. The rear remains totally unchanged and the front, while different to its predecessor, is a little bland.
  • The S-Cross doesn’t come with an all-wheel drive option, which only gets a cross next to its name because it’s considered a small-SUV and SUVs should always have AWD as an option, at least.
  • While the S-Cross comes with slew of gear, and was awarded a five-star ANCAP rating, it doesn’t come with any extra active safety gear. That means no autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitoring or even adaptive cruise control, even in our top-spec Turbo Prestige.
  • The Suzuki S-Cross does have a firmer rail, which the suspension gives away over harsher road surfaces.


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