UK to ban sale of fresh petrol, diesel cars and vans from two thousand forty – POLITICO


9/Four/17, 11:40 PM CEST

A pair of fast-paced, engaging debates in the race for third place.

9/Four/17, 8:36 PM CEST

Commissioner calls for European intelligence system

Dimitris Avramopoulos says if there had been better coordination, latest terror attacks in Europe may have been prevented.

9/Four/17, 7:50 PM CEST

Merkel calls for tougher North Korea sanctions

German chancellor and South Korean president say that they want to avoid a military escalation.

9/Four/17, Five:55 PM CEST

Nikki Haley: Kim Jong Un is ‘begging for war’

The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on North Korean exports last August.

9/Four/17, Five:01 PM CEST

Russia may crash out of Council of Europe, says rights chief

If Russia keeps being excluded from the elections of key personnel at the Council of Europe, Moscow could leave the group.

9/Four/17, Two:15 PM CEST

‘Ashamed to be British’ Tory MEP becomes Irish citizen

Charles Tannock hits out at Conservative ‘arrogance and hubris.’

9/Four/17, Two:07 PM CEST

Jeh Johnson, cautious lawyer, speaks out about Trump

The former DHS secretary has seen enough from this president: He’s worried, and he won’t remain silent.

9/Four/17, 1:51 PM CEST

US Congress’ Russia probes kick into high gear

Three congressional committees are pursuing investigations, and high-ranking Trump associates are expected to testify soon.

9/Four/17, Ten:36 AM CEST

Support for Emmanuel Macron drops to thirty percent: poll

Macron witnessed his approval rates fall for the 2nd month in a row.

9/Four/17, 9:55 AM CEST

Majority of Brits support high-skilled EU migration: survey

Brits also in favor of keeping migrants in construction, hospitality and as fruit-pickers.

9/Four/17, 8:58 AM CEST

Global shockwave after North Korea nuclear threats

German TV debate, Belgian doctors and Brexit lessons featured on the front pages.

9/Four/17, 6:39 AM CEST

Trump has determined to end immigration program, with 6-month delay

Senior White House aides met Sunday afternoon to discuss how to roll out the controversial stir affecting hundreds of thousands of Dreamers.

9/Four/17, Four:05 AM CEST

Further on Italian right, a house divided

Matteo Salvini propelled Northern League up in polls, but his ambitions clash with party’s traditional separatist roots.

9/Four/17, Four:02 AM CEST

Brussels bubble has a diversity problem

European institutions urgently need to promote a more racially, ethnically and religiously varied staff.

9/Four/17, 1:05 AM CEST

Five takeaways from the Merkel-Schulz showdown

The race for very first place is over but other key questions are still to be lodged.

9/Trio/17, 11:54 PM CEST

In foot TV debate, Schulz fights to close gap on Merkel

The Social Democrat challenger’s blows bounce off veteran conservative chancellor.

9/Three/17, 9:53 PM CEST

Mattis warns of ‘massive military response’ if North Korea menaces attack

The remarks go after a series of presidential tweets.

9/Three/17, Four:11 PM CEST

France to wage all-fronts war on unemployment, PM says

Edouard Philippe promises raft of reforms, not just to labor law.

9/Three/17, Three:05 PM CEST

Trump warns North Korea leaders ‘only understand one thing’

The president’s tweets come after Pyongyang claims another major nuclear breakthrough.

9/Trio/17, 1:41 PM CEST

EU ‘ready to sharpen sanctions’ vs North Korea after nuclear test

Donald Tusk noted that the latest test violated North Korea’s obligations under international law.

9/Trio/17, 11:11 AM CEST

Trump gets do-over, comforts Harvey victims

The president returned to Texas to play the role of empathizer-in-chief, after being criticized for not meeting survivors on his very first tour.

9/Trio/17, Ten:58 AM CEST

US Army unprepared to deal with Russia in Europe

A self-assessment by the 173rd Airborne Brigade is called ‘a real eye-opener’ to how some critical capabilities to deter Russia have eroded.

9/Two/17, 11:12 AM CEST

Trump to nominate Richard Grenell as ambassador to Germany

US president also picks envoys to Croatia, Estonia and Switzerland.

9/Two/17, Four:Ten AM CEST

World’s cartoonists on this week’s events

Drawing the top stories around the globe.

9/Two/17, Four:04 AM CEST

Are think tanks fated?

Nope. They’re poised for a comeback.

9/1/17, 7:06 PM CEST

German election TV duel: as it happened

Rolling coverage as Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz go head-to-head three weeks before polling day.

9/1/17, 6:38 PM CEST

Far-right German candidate promises to get rid of Arabic numerals

‘Just wait until I am mayor … then there will be normal numbers,’ says NPD mayoral candidate.

9/1/17, Three:11 PM CEST

Jewish community ‘gravely’ worried about Poland’s rising anti-Semitism

Latest anti-Semitic incidents include the display of fascist slogans and flags at state ceremonies, Jewish group says.

9/1/17, Two:43 PM CEST

Yanis Varoufakis: I told Jeremy Corbyn to be a radical Remainer

Former Greek minister says ‘Labour has shown greater political initiative and seriousness than Theresa May.’

9/1/17, Two:17 PM CEST

German citizens detained in Turkey over ‘political accusations’

‘Our request for Turkey is clear: We expect the German citizens to be liberated,’ says Berlin.

9/1/17, 1:09 PM CEST

Conservative-liberal coalition gains support among Germans: poll

A separate survey also shows a conservative-liberal coalition could be possible.

9/1/17, 12:08 PM CEST

Inwards the Brexit talks: seventy two hours in Brussels

Behind the scenes of the negotiations in Brussels.

9/1/17, 11:37 AM CEST

Martin Schulz: ‘We can still turn the tide’

Social Democrats lag behind Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU alliance in the polls, with three weeks to go before the vote.

9/1/17, Ten:42 AM CEST

Mattis goes on offensive to say he backs Trump

The defense secretary’s earlier comments ‘didn’t contradict anything the president said,’ Mattis says.

9/1/17, 9:39 AM CEST

World in no rush to suggest Trump help post-Harvey

After Katrina, countries around the globe suggested to help the U.S. After Harvey, only a few — Mexico and troubled Venezuela among them — have volunteered aid.

9/1/17, 9:16 AM CEST

Sigmar Gabriel: It’s not over yet

A journalist detained in Turkey, Macron’s labor law and Schiphol’s reputation under threat in the European press.

9/1/17, Four:04 AM CEST

Dummkopfs’ guide to the German election

Ahead of Sunday night’s TV duel, everything you need to know about the big vote.

8/31/17, Ten:Legal PM CEST

Donald Trump to personally donate $1 million to storm ease efforts, White House says

FEMA had approved almost $25 million in assistance to people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

8/31/17, 8:43 PM CEST

Mattis says no rift with Trump on North Korea

The defense secretary’s earlier comments ‘didn’t contradict anything the president said,’ Mattis said Thursday.

8/31/17, 8:31 PM CEST

Don’t judge Trump on how he treats Harvey

Disasters can hurt decent leaders and pump up bad ones.

8/31/17, 7:51 PM CEST

Top US commander says ISIS leader most likely still alive

Lt. Gen. Steve Townsend said his view is informed by ‘some indicators in intelligence channels that he’s alive.’

8/31/17, 7:23 PM CEST

A brief history of having cake and eating it

How an old expression became one of the key phrases of Brexit.

8/31/17, 7:05 PM CEST

US retaliates against Russia by forcing closure of three diplomatic compounds

The tit-for-tat leaves Russia and the US with three consulates each in the other’s country.

8/31/17, 6:55 PM CEST

Unity of Central Europe’s Visegrad Group under strain

Czechs and Slovaks seek to stay close to Berlin, Paris and Brussels, in contrast to Grind and Hungarian leaders.

8/31/17, Five:42 PM CEST

Hungary: We built a wall and the EU should pay for it

Hungary expects €400 million for ‘protecting all the citizens of Europe from the flood of illegal migrants.’

8/31/17, Trio:07 PM CEST

Mueller teams up with Fresh York attorney general in Manafort probe

The cooperation is the latest sign that the investigation into Trump’s former campaign chairman is intensifying.

8/31/17, Two:15 PM CEST

Russia’s foreign minister warns Tillerson: Fresh North Korea sanctions could be ‘dangerous’

Pyongyang has ramped up its aggression in latest months.

8/31/17, Two:14 PM CEST

Jeremy Corbyn exposes … his Christmas cake recipe

Labour leader discusses youth politics and his signature bake.

8/31/17, 1:09 PM CEST

Michel Barnier: ‘No decisive progress’ on key Brexit issues

The EU’s chief negotiator is pessimistic about the prospect of moving to trade talks in October.

8/31/17, 12:Nineteen PM CEST

This is how Trump can earn a infrequent win in the Middle East

Supporting an independent Iraqi Kurdistan is the right thing to do. It’s also the clever thing to do.

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German politicians gather to avoid a clampdown on diesel cars

Rebuilding a town, building a movement

Germany’s puny parties go for the jugular

Irish foreign minister takes swipe at UK’s Brexit proposals

Commissioner calls for European intelligence system

Merkel calls for tougher North Korea sanctions

Liam Fox: Britain does not have capacity to strike trade deals now

The U.K. wants to ban all fresh petrol and diesel cars and vans from two thousand forty | Matt Cardy/Getty Pictures

UK to ban sale of fresh petrol, diesel cars and vans from 2040

British government to go after France in banning sale of polluting vehicles.

7/26/17, 8:17 AM CET

Updated 8/Three/17, 6:08 PM CET

The British government will announce Wednesday it intends to ban all fresh petrol and diesel cars and vans from two thousand forty to improve air quality, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said.

Gove will announce the stir as part of the U.K.’s clean air plan, in response to fears rising levels of the pollutant nitrogen oxide are a major risk to public health.

“It’s significant that we gear up for a significant switch that deals not just with the problems to health caused by emissions but the broader problems caused by climate switch,” Gove told the BBC’s Today program. “We can’t carry on with diesel and petrol cars.”

Gove said it was possible that certain diesel vehicles could be banned from British roads or that users could be charged, but said he was in favor of “surgical interventions” at a local level rather than levies or scrappage schemes.

The plan will pledge some £200 million in funding for local authorities to cut air pollution in their areas, which could, for example, support the renewal of bus fleets to make them cleaner, Gove said.

Britain’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs published a draft plan seeking to cut down levels of nitrogen dioxide in May. Last year, the British High Court ruled a previous version of the plan was insufficient and ordered the government to come up with stronger measures in response to a lawsuit brought by NGO ClientEarth.

A plan to ban the sale of fresh petrol and diesel vehicles in the U.K. was primarily floated by Britain’s Liberal Democrats in 2014, and was widely panned by the media.

The news comes on the back of a similar budge in France to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by two thousand forty as part of a larger effort to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

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